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The AIRC Literacy service sparks a love of reading in the children and their families.

The AIRC Literacy program sparks a love of reading in children and their families.

The National Center for Education Statistics shows that as of 2003, Native American children read at lower levels than other children. A lack of reading proficiency clearly puts these children at a disadvantage in all areas of their education.

The American Indian Relief Council is committed to improving literacy on reservations by giving students access to reading materials and encouraging them to read.  The AIRC Literacy service has purchased and distributed over 10,000 reading textbooks to reservation communities throughout the Northern Plains. The books contain both well-known classics and delightful new stories for young readers from kindergarten through third-grade reading levels.

Establishing Libraries
The AIRC Literacy service partners with community programs such as Head Start and after-school care programs to establish libraries in communities that may not otherwise have access to children’s books. Youngsters check out books at their reading level and read with adult reading partners.

Sharing the love of reading!

Sharing the love of reading!

The children then demonstrate reading comprehension by writing or drawing about their favorite parts of the book. When they return the book and the “homework,” both the children and reading partners earn incentive items: toys, books, or games for the children and personal or household items for the reading partners.

Promoting Changes
The AIRC Literacy service is one of the best examples of how we help Native Americans improve the quality of their lives by bringing about positive changes in their communities. The service encourages children to practice reading, advance their skills, and get more excited about books. It also helps adults obtain supplies that they desperately need while spreading the love of reading to young and old alike.

AIRC is looking forward to establishing this service in more and more reservation communities throughout the Northern Plains.

Books like these capture the
imagination of young readers.

Incentives provide positive
reinforcement to children as
they improve their reading skills.

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