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“Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions.”


“Strong, self-sufficient Native American communities.”


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Video on Hope, Security & A Sense of Belonging for Native Americans.

Video on Hope, Security & A Sense of Belonging for Native Americans

You may not easily remember what happened in 1831, but for Native Americans, it’s still happening now.

This new video by the Herbert Brothers helps you understand why. The video touches on real people living on Native American reservations. We see their smiles and their struggles with day to day life and what it is like for them. It is one thing to never forget what happened. It’s another thing entirely to always remember.

View the video.
Native American Elder opening door of traditional home to accept supplies.
Strong in tradition and values, but
lacking in resources.

National Relief Charities (NRC) is a nonprofit dedicated to quality of life for Native Americans living on remote and poverty-stricken reservations in the Plains and Southwest. American Indians are the most underserved group in the United States.

Our mission is "Serving immediate needs. Supporting long-term solutions."

Our vision is "Strong, self-sufficient Native American communities."

Our Impact: Our customers are tribal and other programs that are located and operated on the reservations we serve. These are our Program Partners. They are in the best position to know the people and the needs in their communities.

NRC forms long-term partnerships with these programs to work toward their self-determined goals, which ties our effectiveness to our partners' effectiveness. We measure this in a variety of ways such as feedback through monthly partner reports and specialized focus groups, as well as collecting feedback through an anonymous survey that goes to our entire base of Program Partners once a year. Our survey response rate is higher than 50% each year. The Annual Program Partner Survey shows that NRC has a positive impact on our partners and their ability to better serve their communities. This is true whether partners are focused on health, nutrition, holiday, education, emergency or community support:

Native American child wrapped in blanket
  • Effectiveness — 89% of Program Partners report being more effective with their program goals
  • Enhanced Services — 89% of Program Partners report having the ability to provide a higher quality of services to their participants
  • Enhanced Skills — 80% of Program Partners report to a great extent improving their professional skills due to working with NRC
  • Program Savings — 90% of Program Partners report saving to a great extent in funding that they can use in other areas of their program
  • Product Quality — 92% of Program Partners report being more than satisfied with the overall quality of products received from NRC
  • Recommendations — 96% of Program Partners report they are more than likely to recommend working with NRC to a friend or colleague

You can learn more about NRC results in our Annual Report and Charting Impact report. National Relief Charities relies on a tried and true program model that ensures we are able to deliver consistent and reliable support to our Program Partners. You can learn more about our program model and measurement in our Effectiveness report.

Native Elder receiving wood

How We Help Partners Improve Quality of Life: We provide opportunities year-round that help over 1,000 reservation Program Partners better serve their communities.

Working together, NRC and our Program Partners are improving quality of life for about one quarter of a million Native Americans each year.

NRC's approach to working in Indian country is time-tested. We also bring cultural competency to the field. Every member of our program team has experience working on the reservations.

We bring respect and support to our partner programs. When Native American partners work with National Relief Charities and achieve good results, it helps them be seen as strong leaders in their communities, which paves the way for future community impact.

Every service that NRC delivers has an earning and learning component. We involve the people being served in the delivery of the service, affording them dignity, confidence, self-esteem, and a way to give back to their communities. Our Program Partners recruit hundreds of volunteers each year, knowing that change comes from within and that involvement supports change at an individual and community level.

Native American scholarship recipient

NRC has three strands of services that support our partners and further our mission. Program Partners who volunteer to work with NRC participate in a variety of services in these core areas:

Collectively, these services ensure basic and immediate aid, capacity building with partner agencies and communities, and long-term, sustainable solutions that help partner agencies transform their communities.

LAST YEAR:  Requests for Aid: 5,707  |  Shipments of Aid: 5,659  |  People Served: 262,318


Each year, National Relief Charities funds critical college scholarships for Native American students. We evaluate over 1,000 scholarship applications annually. The outcome of this process is astounding. Each year, over 95% of the students receiving NRC college scholarships complete the college year. Comparatively, the norm for completion among all Native students across the U.S. is about 21% each year. Why do NRC scholars fare so well?.
Supports Indian education by providing students with scholarships and the tools to learn.
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