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For centuries, dogs have played an important role within many Native American cultures. Their responsibilities often included hunting, guarding, even pulling travois (sleds.) These valued animals were an integral member of the tribe.

Today, Native American people continue to love and value their dogs and cats as much as you do. Unfortunately, many residents living on reservations face extreme poverty, limited access to medical care and few educational opportunities. They often lack the resources to manage the stray dog and cat population and care for orphaned animals on the reservation.

The pitiful sight of a sickly puppy or kitten huddled in a corner struggling to find a safe haven would grab your heartstrings. It certainly did ours.

According to one estimate there are at least 1,500 stray dogs roaming the Navajo Nation alone. But the number may be four times this much. And there are many hundreds of stray cats as well. (This is only one reservation we help on.) These circumstances prompted an urgent plan to care for as many stray animals as possible.

With assistance from our supporters and Program Partners, we care for dogs and cats with food, blankets, toys and treats. The importance of getting them healthy cannot be over-emphasized. They need homes — as many wonderful, loving homes for them as possible!

In addition to providing basic supplies for their care, we also help fund mobile spay and neuter clinics, care for stray and orphaned animals ... place them in foster care ... and get them ready for adoption into loving homes — where they belong!

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American Indian reservations often face the issue of homeless animals without the resources to manage it. When we see innocent animals suffering unnecessarily, we don't want to just speak out ... we want to ROAR. Add your voice!

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