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Success Stories: Fort Peck Felines


One female cat and her offspring can produce over 400,000 cats!

The only thing more alarming than this statistic is visiting your local Animal Shelter and realizing the cat population is an overpopulated one.

You might even witness the terror in the kittens' own faces as you walk from cage to cage. That look of helplessness... they too want a forever home of their own, so they can be loved and share love with a special someone.

Fortunately, there are clinics to help prevent overpopulation.

Learn about the Trap and Release (TNR) approach...

Become a ROAR Companion - Make a Monthly Gift

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Celebrate all the wisdom your beloved pets have shared with you. Create and personalize your own web page to honor the animal wisdom in your life, sharing their pictures and stories.

American Indian reservations often face the issue of homeless animals without the resources to manage it. When we see innocent animals suffering unnecessarily, we don't want to just speak out ... we want to ROAR. Add your voice!

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