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Food or Medicine - No one should have to choose.
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Precious Children

Surrounded By Love

Santa and Native American child Baby Connor

The event was made extra special because the
families were given the supplies to construct
gingerbread houses to take home with them. The
families were heavily engaged in constructing
the graham cracker and frosting homes —
almost so much that one of our staff people
decked out in her elf outfit hardly caused a stir.

They stayed focused until one first grader looked
up from the sugary sweet home she was constructing
and asked the helper, “Do you work for Santa?
I would like to send him a message: My name is Valencia.
Please tell Santa I said hi!"

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As a new, young mother, Juliana appreciated the items provided in the Cradle Club basket that welcomes babies to their communities, families, and hearts. Grandma Neva estimates that a case of diapers will take them through the month for now. Baby formula is another difficult expense.

None of this seems to deter Juliana from her goal of attending college at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas. She is quiet, but attentive to her son and siblings. As the afternoon progressed, she started to become anxious. She was going to be late for track practice,

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